Time: 4-6 hours

Distance: 12.4 Km / 7.7 mi

Ascent: 651 m / 2136 ft

Descent: 397 m / 1301 ft

Min. Elevation: 2640 m / 8661 ft

Max. Elevation: 3197 m / 10490 ft

Instructions and map

Sigchos to Isinliví

Time: 3-4 hours

Distance: 10.7Km / 6.7 mi

Descent: 441m / 1446 ft

Ascent: 498m / 1632 ft

Min. Elevation: 2560 m / 8399 ft

Max. Elevation: 2944m / 9658 ft

Instrucciones y mapa

Chugchilan to Quilotoa

Begin your hike at Hostal Cloud Forest and go up through the village, passing the square and the church. When you reach the library (biblioteca) on your left, turn left going down hill (you will see a big sing opposite the library for the trail).

Walk down this dirt road, passing Hostal El Vaquero on your left. Take the left turn immediately after the hostal which goes down hill (you will see a sing Quilotoa 10.24Km).

Instrucciones y mapa

Quilotoa to Chugchilan

Leave Quilotoa on the main road heading north, passing the information office and view points on your right.From the lookout, you can go round the crater rim on the side you want (1):

1/ Follow the path on the left until you reach a large sandy area with great view of the lagoon and a small wooden building straight ahead – about 1 hour.

2/ Follow the path on the right, passing by the highest peak (3930 m asl) and steepy sandy parts, until you reach the small wooden building and the large sandy area with great view of the lagoon – about 3-4 hours.

Instrucciones y mapa

Chugchilan to Isinliví

All the way from Chugchilan to Isinliví have yellow paint marks and little red mark, if you follow where these marks safely unfortunately currently not you will lose.

Leave Chugchilan on the road towards Sigchos. After about 30 minutes, you will see a road going left to the cheese factory, pass this. After 5 minutes you will see another road going left, also to the cheese factory. Then you will see a grassy trail going down to the right just after a white house (with a wooden sign). Follow this trail to the first houses of Chinalo.

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