For nature lovers, hike to the cloud forest and enjoy the magnificent scenery and biodiversity of this  immense native forest. We are at the top of the mountain where we can enjoy the greenery and their viewpoints, look around the tropics and the Serranía. Dislike the delicious ice-creams and artisanal cheeses.Our guides are knowledgeable of ancestral medicine since these sites is accentuated the Incas and hence our Quechua descent this can do you by car, walking and THE MOST BEAUTIFUL IN THE HORSE


As part of the hike to the cloud forrest, you can visit the Chugchilan cheese factory, located North-East of the town center, at an altitude of 3400m above sea level. Using Swiss technology, the factory specializes in a variety of high-quality cheeses. The factory is operated by a group of local peasants and is a great economic boost to the region.


Legend has it that this was a sacred place for the ancient indigenous people that lived in this region. They would come and bathe in the Pailacocha Waterfall to cleanse their body, chase away bad spirits and attract good fortune. The waterfall is located 8km North-East of Chugchilan, at an altitude of 3350m.